Are you looking for events that are both fun and informative? Does technology influence your career or business? Does your event or content production need a little pizazz? Gnomedex and Chris Pirillo can help!

Gnomedex 10

Our Services

  • Conferences & Seminars

    From 2001 to 2010, Gnomedex was a single-track event that inspired its community (this is what the brand is best known for). We are now offering to produce similar content within new or existing conference brands; for your team or organization, we can create or co-develop a VIP track that's focused on energizing the audience. Intelligence and inspiration are always at the forefront. The Gnomedex spirit will always be kept alive when we work with fantastic partners.

  • Upcoming Events

    Chris Pirillo Speaks to LinkedIn Business Network

    Gnomedex at the Seattle Interactive Conference

    Chris Pirillo Emcees the Voxeo Customer Summit

    Yes! Chris Pirillo is available to host your live events - no matter the topic (online or on stage). He can also serve as "talent" for your video productions (public or private distribution). Virtually or in-person, we're here to supercharge your events!

  • Live & Recorded Webinars

    We translate technical intelligence to distill it into attendee's absolute gain. Our skill in navigating complex technology-related knowledge works well in virtual construct. These webinars are hosted on-demand and in a time-shifted capacity. We host an ongoing series of events, but are also open to helping your business with its virtual education / webinar needs.

  • Mixers & Meetups

    In an ongoing effort to catalyze conversation, we host a variety of networking events aimed to educate and entertain. It is our goal to guide participants through an otherwise-unwieldy maze of information - tackling trending topics and making them more approachable. Whether crafted for public or private audiences, our gatherings still seek to inform, empower, and entertain.